That’s the big question, isn’t it? How much do you charge?

I have come up with a very

straight forward no catch pricing plan:

When you buy something, you pay for what you want ,what you like and more importantly what suits your budget. So it should be when engaging the services of a professional photographer.
My prices are comprehensive, and include mytime, talent, and editing.
Simple as that.

If you buy multiple items you will receive a discount as well.

So how much do you charge? I charge from £450 for a 24 x 16 inch print, up to £730 for an 40 x 30 Inch Aluminum Cromaluxe Print. After you purchase the first item I offer a discount on all additional purchases.

Do you charge a booking or sitting fee: No, however I do take a £250 payment credit toward your purchase at the time of booking. This fee is applied to your purchase.
Do you charge for anything else? Yes, I do charge for extras that one would expect to pay if requested. Such as hair and make up. Costume hire, location fees.( If applicable)