Do you have a studio?

We can access a studio if nessessary, however, We believe that your story can better be told by taking photographs at a location of importance to you. We will bring the camera and lighting to you to create fantastic images.

Do you provide a pre-shoot consultation?

Yes, We will discuss in advance the theme, clothing , make up choices., and location. This will ensure that on the day of your session everything is planned out in advance providing you with an enjoyable stress free experience!

Why do you believe that having an Album or a wall portrait is better than a digital file which I can put on facebook for my friends?We are glad you asked. Here are some very good reasons:

• The image is permanent and will not degrade or become corrupt over time.

• It can be printed much larger than on a computer screen.

• It can be displayed on a wall in your house for guests to see providing a topic for conversation.

• It can be printed on various papers/materials and framed to make it look fantastic. Just the way you would like.

• Privacy – Digital files can be hacked/copied from the internet and shared with strangers. Printed images are safe and sound on your wall or coffee table

• There is no guarantee that you will be able to view your digital files in the future. Think of all the formats in which music has been recorded over the years. The same will happen digital files.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted.

Do you deliver and install photographs?

Yes, we can arrange delivery and installation within the Greater London area.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, we require a £250 deposit in advance to secure your photographic session.

Do you provide digital files?

We prefer to print our images. However we do offer a digital package . We are also willing to provide you with a social media sized file of any photograph you purchase.